Monday, August 11, 2008

Sometimes, you just want a Great Burger

As a fine dining chef, I always had this strange desire to serve hamburgers. It's something that I always love to eat, so I thought it would be great to make a Great Hamburger.

Now I have the opportunity. There's the fine dining side of the restaurant and the bistro side.

At Terrapin Red Bistro I get to do all kinds of fun, comfort stuff like macaroni and cheese, fish n chips and hamburgers.

You know, as a chef, you need to continually develop. On the fine dining side, I still have that menu where I can feature stuff that I'm proud of in terms of its culinary achievement. I'm equally proud of Terrapin Red Bistro, because it's good food and good to eat.

We use natural meat and that is actually a subject I care a lot about.

Sometimes, you just want a great burger. When you do, you should try one of ours, because frankly, we serve the best burger you'll ever eat.

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